Hello, here is Orchidany, a high-school student from S.D., China.

Algorithms, astrophysics, technology, that’s what I love. Perhaps sometimes I‘m fond of painting, music and modern art appreciation. Anyhow, recently my first mission is Olympiad in Informatics,shorthanded for OI. And this blog is mainly gonna to record my Learning Steps.

Although I’m a bit weak in OI by now, but I shall catch the glimmer and keep getting stronger!

During daliy lives, I shall also write some about my own emotion, music & art…it seems like I’m a chairwamrer in OI hhhhh…

See you soon in my articles !

Somthing Special

Errr…About this ID _Orchidany_, there is a theory about that:

My Chinese Id is 皎月半洒花, which is from the poem (Writter is myself) :





So……I’ m glad to encounter you!